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Affiliated Schools
  • Minneapolis School of Anesthesia

  • St. Mary's University

  • University of Minnesota

About Us

River Valley Anesthesia (RVA), formally Anesthetists Incorporated of Wisconsin (AIW), began in 2015.RVA transitioned from AIW to RVA under the guidance and expertise of Curt Olson.  RVA provides anesthesia service to 5 area hospitals: Westfields Hospital, Amery Hospital, Osceola Medical Center, Western Wisconsin Health and Hudson Hospital.  Provided services include general and spinal anesthesia, ultrasound guided regional nerve blocks, labor analgesia, and PICC line placement.  RVA is also affiliated with three of the anesthesia schools in the Twin Cities.  These schools include Minneapolis School of Anesthesia, St. Mary's University, and the University of Minnesota.  Students from these schools gain clinical experience at the facilities we serve.  Our office is located in New Richmond, Wisconsin and is staffed by our office manager Diane Heintz.

Provided Treatments
  • General and Spinal Anesthesia

  • Ultrasound guided regional nerve blocks

  • Labor analgesia

  • PICC Line Placement

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